london jan - feb 2010.

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Arts and Design Portfolio.

Arts and Design Portfolio of Hesq.

Commissioned Projects and other Works in Progess.

A Selection of recently commissioned work:

Erskine Hospital, Glasgow :
Ticket and Flyer Image Design.

Saevio : .
Punk Rock Band, London.
Images for Demo and Album.

The SoapTank Studios, Warrington,
Use of artwork in interior of building. .

the snow art show., derbyshire,.

Artists of the World Unite., On-line Exhibition of artists' work from around the world.. .,

{Still under construction}.

Wa{l}king Beyond The{se} Wor{l}ds

The collection of poetry was written between 2005-7.

To view : .

Road Poems.

Road Poems is a short collection of poetry written in 2008.

The Midnight Carousel.,

The Midnight Carousel is work in progess. It is a collection of the articles, short stories, poems and rants from Hesq., Dr. Zimbadean and the infamous Hector "hollywood" Swanson.